My ideal workplace

The values that influence my decisions.

I believe that culture fit and value alignment are as important as a professional portfolio, if not more, when deciding whether to work with someone.

To that end, this page will hopefully help you evaluate what I'd be like in your team and the kind of roles I can capably manage. It'll also give you a sense of what I look for in a potential workplace.

Note: I am not currently looking to switch jobs. This page is a values doc that I made, first and foremost, for myself. To know more, please reach out here.

What kind of roles I look for

I’d love to work in a mature small organisation or tech-forward startup in design, finance, healthcare, IT (SaaS), or consulting.

I can contribute much to creatively-driven companies just getting the show on the road, through roles like:

  • Head/ Lead of Communications

  • Head/ Lead of Content

  • Copywriter

  • Content Writer/ Editor/ Researcher

  • Writing Coach

  • SEO Marketer

  • Senior Editor

  • Communications Manager/ Specialist

Titles don't matter as much as creative flexibility and a wide scope of work.

What I value in a job

Here's what I tend to look for in a job, in no particular order. Keeping these in mind helps me cut through marketing jargon and focus on what really matters.

Impact and autonomy. Being able to touch a product or project and apply my skills to it in ways that add value to people's lives. Autonomy and a seat at the decision-making table — or at least a gallery seat from which I can observe goings-on and always have context.

Meaningful creative challenges. Far from pushing pixels or writing random words, working on well-defined problems that are worth solving and are slightly outside my comfort zone so I'm always reaching towards it and expanding my capabilities.

Psychological safety and paths for growth. A safe place (physical and otherwise) to make mistakes, ask questions, give and receive constructive feedback, and bring my whole self to work. The potential and roadmap for curiosity-driven career growth vertically or laterally.

Leaders who lead from the front. Leaders whose direction and advice I trust, who are accountable for their mistakes, who can take their hands off the steering wheel, and who treat all equally on paper and in practice.

A team with compounding skills. Colleagues who have individual skillsets that come together in a compounding manner. Colleagues who respect each other, are eager to share knowledge, and have high standards (and ideas to get there).

Flexibility and work-life balance. Being able to work hours that make the most sense for me and my lifestyle, and the ability to take time off for vacations, physical and mental health, and to invest in growing my skills and knowledge.

Good compensation and benefits. A salary that corresponds to the value that I bring to the table and is easy to say yes to. Health benefits that help take care of my (and my family's, ideally) physical and mental health, like counselling facilities and health insurance.

Modern tech stack and hardware. Software and hardware that create an optimal working environment and enable me to do my best work.

My touchstones

Projects come and projects go, but principles live on forever.

Chase curiosity. The process holds as much pleasure for me as the final destination, because I intentionally choose to take the most curious path.

Set context. I try my best to provide context before diving deep into a task or brainstorming session so everyone is on the same page. I expect the same from my colleagues so I can add most value.

Show integrity. I am someone who calls a spade a spade, and like working with similar people. I value keeping promises and being accountable for my actions.

Be inclusive. When I work and write, I tend to ask questions like "who are we excluding?", "what are we implying?" and "how might we bridge gaps without nullifying nuance?"

Respect boundaries. I prefer not to be contacted on personal messaging platforms for work-related matters and always stick to Slack or email.

My IC working style

Patterns I've spotted over the course of working as an Individual Contributor.

I only need to be told once. I work well independently, and am great at keeping track of what needs doing now or in the future without follow-ups.

Giving and getting due credit is important to me. I appreciate getting proper credit for the work I’ve done, and to have that reflect in my performance reviews and appraisals. I don’t vibe with people who take all credit and give all blame.

I prioritise clear communication. I organise documents with clear hierarchy and typography, store them in easily accessible folders (usually on Notion), and respond well to people who understand the value of all the documentation I do.

I prefer conversing in English officially. I’m fluent in other languages, but stick to business language i.e. English at work so there’s no room for mistranslation and identity erasure.

If you'd like more info about me and my work, please send me a message.

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