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My new title at Obvious is Chief of Staff — Design! I work directly with Obvious’ co-founder and CDO/COO. Defining the role has been an uphill climb. The job description of a CoS is typically subjective, shaped by the needs of the CXO they’re directly working with. In my case, the CXO preferred a communications-driven person who could nurture relationships, manage projects and engage in thought partnership with writing as the main tool of choice.

As someone who is obsessed with writing, this switch involved a lot of navel-gazing: mainly about whether I was willing to transform writing from my primary function to one tool in an ever-growing tool belt.


On the personal front, my priority has been getting my essays and memoir-style work published. I have a couple of “yes”es lined up that I’m excited about. I still publish twice a week in my newsletter, Kindred Spirits. This quarter’s theme is daily pleasures and it’s been a daily pleasure to research about it.


I’ve been really into fantasy fiction lately. I am currently hurtling through Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. Mistborn is next!


I recently completed three months of working out consistently (minus the week when I caught the dreaded C-virus) so that’s a big win for me.

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