Areas of interest

Dissecting communication

I'm interested in investigating communication not just for my job as a Chief of Staff, a core function of which is helping others communicate, but also to be able to become a better-rounded person.

There's a surfeit of advice out there on communicating effectively, persuasively, clearly (insert more adverbs here). These address the top layer of the metaphorical onion: writing, reading and speaking.

But I'm curious about the layers below that top layer, that invisibly make or break communication. Quality of listening, collective language, perception of the self, linguistic determinism… these are just a handful of the layers I'm keen to leisurely dissect over time.

Optimising for curiosity

Judging by the sliver of the online world I inhabit, it seems like this is one of the best times to be a creatively charged, hyper-curious person. We have tools that are empowering thought connections across time and space, communities that are growing cosier and more reflective and, of course, the never-ending rabbit-hole that is the internet.

At the same time, we're weighed down like Sisyphus by modern-day boulders: bureaucracy, societal and organisational expectations, hyperspecialisation, dated scripts for success, et cetera.

I'm interested in understanding how we might replenish this inspiration deficit and sample a new life mode that is optimised for curiosity and brings the necessary material returns, instead of the other way around.

The future of work

The future of work is a complex beast, but so far all explorations of it seem to have one thing in common: agency in the hands of the least powerful actor.

I'm keen to dig deeper into the future of work and find answers to questions like:

  • When a person's lifelong career is typically spread across organisations and domains, what are the threads that connect their value over time?

  • What happens when we reframe our career as a 'purpose maximiser'?

  • How might we bring tech back in touch with humanity?

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