As Chief of Staff, I support the CXOs in business communication, relationship management and documentation. I also manage mixternal communications.

Pause by Obvious

I managed and directed marketing and SEO for our transparent and functionally delightful time-off management tool. Read the case study


I curated locally-approved hidden gems and wrote about them for an indie travel app that prioritises meaningful and sustainable travel.

Text Mercato
I managed and supported the building of a content marketplace and set and upheld benchmarks for high-quality SEO content.


Playing the role of a cartographer, I like to answer questions like:

If we shook off the shackles of capitalist ambition, how might we chase curiosity? The cartography of ambition

How might we reclaim the slow and intentional web that we once published in? Stock, flow and digital gardens

What if we learned to enjoy the messy, curious joy of cooking?

Performing alchemy in the kitchen

Just how historic is the postcard, really?

On the subversive joy of postcards

Why is the design playbook a foundation of a good product design team?

How and why to create a design playbook

I also put myself under the microscope to weave personal essays like:

How to love a book↗ for Borderless Journal


A choice selection of what I have read (or hope to read).

Text that have been caught in the vaults of my mind for many reasons.

My reading list

Stories and sensory experiences that I come back to now and then for luck. Fortune cookie list

Meaningful tech and cultural insights that deserve to be recorded and lived. curations


Another way I like to tell stories.

Film and digital photography. Visuals

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