Joining the /now page bandwagon

People often ask me what I’ve been up to lately. I only answer after a mad scramble for thoughts — usually because I’m doing so. many. things. at once.

I write, edit and publish. But I also read and research. Sometimes I design and illustrate. I help CXOs communicate with clarity. Should I mention that I do marketing and SEO?

I have no fixed professional title, and my job role is mercurial. I’m up to something different every day. I love that — it’s exciting.

But in the context of building a personal website, one that would become (cue sheepish smile) my “internet legacy”, it became apparent that pruning and maintaining an About page was hard. It also erased what I’d done previously, which meant that information was documented only in three places: LinkedIn, my resumé and my brain.

After hours of rabbit-holing for a solution, as is my wont, I discovered the Now page (hat tip to Derek Sivers).

More stable than a Twitter feed, less permanent than an About page.

I think that’s the gist of a Now page. An ever-growing log that tells curious folks what I’m up to at this point in time. As I keep adding to the log, it forms the Big Picture, one that Facebook and Twitter, with their ever-refreshing feeds, can’t create.

It’s kind of like a summary of what you’d say to a mate you haven’t met in a year:

Friend: So, what’ve you been up to lately?

Me: I’m living in Bangalore and still working at Obvious. I do a bunch of things at work, although right now my priority is helping CXOs communicate clearly and empathetically with stakeholders.

I’ve been trying to get that work-play equation balanced. I’ve been really into fantasy fiction lately and am thinking of clearing out a section of my bookshelf to dedicate to this genre. I recently completed three months of working out consistently (minus the week when I caught the dreaded C-virus) so that’s a big win for me.

I have to say, this is a lot more human and current than having an About page. It’s also nice to have a living record of how I’ve been evolving and shape-shifting.

Here’s my Now page.

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